Les Bambous


Kodelock Restaurant

The restaurant has been designed with surrounding water features and elements of nature to make you relax and savour the best food in town. We are committed to excellence in our food, offering only the freshest ingredients sourced from organic suppliers. Our Head Chef has developed a full menu that uses only natural foods, without artificial ingredients and MSG.

The restaurant adds dimension to each dish with exciting escape-theme games to tantalise the mind.
Solve the puzzles and win free food, coffees and other treats!

Each game, unique to KodeLock, will surprise you in many ways as you solve the puzzles,
decode the codes, unlock the locks and enjoy some nourishing food for thought.

No one leaves disappointed as everyone enjoys the challenges while getting to know their friends
in new ways, and winners enjoy amazing prizes.

KodeLock Restaurant body 1 KodeLock Restaurant body 2 KodeLock Restaurant body 3